Winter Camping Tips: What to Know Before You Go in the Snow

Winter Camping Tips: What to Know Before You Go in the Snow


Camping in winter is as satisfying as doing it at any other time of the year for those who enjoy life and outdoor sports. You only have to take into account at what time of the year you are. And know what do you need to go camping in winter outdoor to be a comfortable, fun and with which you can fully enjoy.


Use a Tent Suitable for Winter



Depending on the climate of the area where you will be camping in winter and how many people are going to be in it, you should choose an appropriate tent. It is absurd to think about how to heat a family tent if you camp alone. Opt for a store with the precise number of seats.

Remember that in an igloo it is much easier to maintain a good temperature than in a high tent. And it is important that it is waterproof and supports the inclement weather. You can choose a model with double closing or separate entry if necessary.


Get Ready To Camp In Winter


Both your clothes and your sleeping bag should be adequate to protect you from the cold. Try to carry the amount of clothes necessary to be able to change your sweat; Wearing wet clothes in winter is like calling the cold screaming.

Pay special attention to socks and footwear. With warm, dry feet it is easier to maintain an adequate body temperature. If you can not warm your feet, it will be difficult to avoid feeling cold. Use quick drying socks whenever possible.


Place Your Campaign Store Well


Do it in a way that is protected from the wind and, if necessary, use an additional windbreak. In the case of going camping in winter, try that the door of your store is in front of the area where you are going to cook and that this is protected from the wind. Camping is also a good practice, if possible, be located near the bathrooms and the light tower, to spend less time outdoors at any given time.


Tricks To Climb The Body Temperature



There are simple ways to slightly raise body temperature when we go camping in winter. It will not be effective overnight, but it will help you at specific times. For example, add clothes to the sleeping bag to make it warmer. Or drink a hot drink like a soup before going to bed. And even rub your feet and hands with a warm sporty ointment before getting into the bag.


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Get Equipped For Camping In Winter


Since you decide to go camping in winter or camping outdoors, at this time of year you need to provide you with necessary equipment. You will have to carry a waterproof case for your backpack if you are going to practice trekking or another outdoor sport. It is also a good idea to carry a shovel to remove the snow.

Remember that carrying charged batteries is especially important in winter because they discharge more quickly in the cold. It is therefore also interesting to opt for a replacement flashlight that does not require batteries.


Hydrate and Eat Properly


A good hydration is necessary for the practice of any outdoor sport. But when the cold is intense, it is not a good idea to drink water or cold isotonic drinks. Bring a good dewar bottle with hot broth is a great decision. It is also important to include soups at meals and dinners at the camp fire, if possible. And drink water, of course, but make sure it is not excessively cold.

As for the food, it is a good time to enjoy it warm. If you have decided to go camping in winter, do not forget the gas camping to prepare or warm up comforting dishes such as cooked vegetables. If you are going to be en route during the day or camping outdoors, that will be more complicated. Consume energy foods such as bars, nuts or dark chocolate.


Well Vent Your Camping Tent


In this way you will prevent moisture from condensing inside your tent. Whenever possible, it has an alternative place to leave wet clothes to dry.


Always Have a Plan B


Camping in winter and doing it in a way that the experience is good requires always having a plan B for each issue. For example, it is a good idea to have a map with alternative shelters such as hostels or even rural houses. And think that maybe the weather is so bad that you find it impossible to make a fire or turn on the gas camping as you planned. It is true that you can do it in the tent, but it is dangerous and not recommended, so in the diet you also have to have alternatives.

Another aspect in which it is interesting to have alternatives is in leisure time. If the weather is so bad that your sports and outdoor activity plans are frustrated, keep in mind how to spend that time in a fun way. If you camp with children or teenagers this point will be even more important.


Prepare to Sleep With Heat




It is essential to choose a suitable sleeping bag. When you go camping in winter, it is best to opt for a mummy model with double insulation. It will make you feel protected and comfortable providing you with the comfort you desire. Choosing a good sleep camping bag will help you isolate yourself better from the cold ground. This will make it easier for you to maintain the right temperature throughout the night.


Always Be Informed And Located


Currently the technology allows to do it although not always in all places, especially in the mountains. Whenever possible, keep your smartphone with coverage and geolocated. It is important that someone you trust know where you are where you plan to go. Before going camping in winter and during the camping, find out about the weather you are going to do both in the camping area and during trips to it.

Camping in winter will be much more satisfying considering these issues. You will enjoy it as much or more as during the rest of the year.

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