Hiking for Beginners – Tips and Tricks do Your Need to Know

Hiking for Beginners – Tips and Tricks do Your Need to Know


They say that faith moves mountains, and that adventure moves through them. And one of the best forms of adventure are outdoor sports such as hiking, a sport that is gaining more followers.

Do you want to discover the best landscapes on foot, and connect with yourself and nature? Then this sport is for you. Now you can prepare to practice them by following these tips for beginners hiking.


Easy Hiking Trails for Beginners


A simple hobby like walking, has generated a whole culture that gravitates around hiking. And there is nothing better than planning a route, breathing fresh air, meeting people and following paths that always lead to unexpected places.

Hiking is a sport that has several levels of difficulty, so you can progress as you practice. They range from hiking trails for beginners to long routes through difficult terrains suitable only for experts.

In this sense, unlike trekking, the trails are homologated and identified with marks of different colors. These marks are easy to follow and the routes are marked according to their level of difficulty, so you will know in advance if you are able to travel the road.

More than a hiking advice for beginners, this point is another incentive to start your practice. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), It is essential to do physical activity, at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity to avoid or improve hypertension, reduce stress and anxiety, improve muscle tone and thus avoid injuries, among other improvements. In addition to the benefits on your health, walking outdoors will allow you to reach places where nature offers all its splendor.


A Beginner’s Tips to Hiking




Though hiking is a relatively simple sport, there are tips that are important before and during the route, as well as the necessary equipment. We tell you everything below.

  • Before starting a route

Is there anything better to explore and be outdoors? In Humboldt we think not, but the closest thing is to plan the route and the trip. Therefore, before performing any outdoor sport, for little impact, it is necessary to plan the route in advance. Immerse yourself in the maps and check the route to know where you are going to travel. In the same route different paths may exist depending on their level of difficulty.

How long does it take to complete the route? How many miles per hour are it? What is the level of difficulty?. These are some of the questions that you must answer when preparing your departure. It is also important to know the weather information to prepare the necessary materials and equipment.

  • Hiking Equipment

As for clothing for hiking, opt for a comfortable clothing and according to weather conditions. A suitable footwear for hiking, will be your best ally to be able to walk and avoid injuries or falls. For this reason, good mountain waterproof boots are essential to take care of your feet. Although it may seem trivial, this is one of the most basic beginner trekking tips: you can not enjoy this sport if the equipment is not suitable, and in that aspect a good shoe is essential to take full advantage of a route.


Backpacking Tips for Beginners


Backpacking Tips for Beginners Travel Essentials for Camping & Hiking


Food to recharge energies such as bananas, energy bars, cookies, nuts … whatever you need. In addition, you can not miss a good sunscreen and insect repellent in your backpack. And do not forget that even if the day is cloudy, you also need sunscreen.

A good basic first aid kit is also useful: antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, biodegradable toilet paper, scissors, gauze and bandages as well as a flashlight or a knife. Do not forget to take the water you will need, as well as know if there are access to drinking water to fill your bottle. Be careful with drinking from springs that you do not know is completely safe. In our list of hiking tips for beginners could not miss health precautions for the most extreme occasions, because although there are routes of little difficulty, we must never take things for granted and we must take care of all the details.

  • Beginner Tip: Go on Practice Hikes!

You are well equipped, you know the route and the day arrived. Now it’s just a matter of enjoying … and drinking water! It is advisable to drink between a liter and a half of liquids in small doses, even if you do not feel thirsty. Rest is also important: short stops of about 10 minutes are recommended. And the best thing is to eat something light on the road.

And no less important, during the path it is vital that you respect and take care of the environment. In these areas there may not be bins, so you’ll have to take the trash with you. Hiking is a sport that, above all, respects nature.

And after the route? Repeat the previous steps as many times as you want and return from adventure. And above all, do not forget the moments lived and landscape. These memories may be useful in a traffic jam, or in a meeting. Or in the rush of the subway.

Because the trip ends, but the adrenaline does not. We hope that these beginners hiking tips will make your first adventures easier and safer, so that you can get hooked on the star sport of nature lovers.

So, when will your next adventure be?

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